FileTagger is a file explorer, allowing you to tag files and search them based based on the given tags. It’s ideal for everyone, not willing to put much effort in a perfectly clean directory structure as well as people with a large amount of movies, music or photos.

FileTagger is by default able to add meta information to specific file types like movies to keep information like the characters or actors in the movie. therefor you are able to find the movies with your favorite actor without remembering the title of the movie. Same applies to music or images.

Reading the DEV-Blog of FileTagger will give you more information about the features of FileTagger as well as an inside look into the development and progress of the tool.
With comments on the DEV-Blog you are also able to share your thoughts and ideas to improve FileTagger actively, making a better tool for everyone.
The DEV-Blog is published every Monday at 8pm.

More detailed information about the features and the future can be found on the main homepage of the tool,