EcoLife is a game, in wich the player tries to survive and develop. This means that an equilibrium between using and conservating natural resources is needed, as exploiting resources will result in the destruction of the world and therefor the death of the player.

The solution to this lies somewhere in the middle, for which the simulation must be understood. Both plants and animals are simulated individually and the AI of each animal is determined how it behaves when interacting with other animals, but in relation to the behaviour of the species, how it feeds and reproduces. The environment also influences the animals and can lead to mutations of the species, which can also have a negative effect on the player.

Without the player’s intervention, the plant and animal populations will go through ‘boom’ and ‘boost’ cycles, as the population initially grows and the food source dwindles. The world is generated randomly at the start of a new score, but in such a way that the player always has the opportunity to start by keeping the generated world ecologically balanced.

Information about the population of the animal and plant species, as well as further data of the game world can be evaluated at any time by the player in different menus, in order to escape the tilting of the ecosystem, and thus death.

In the DEV-Blog you get weekly updates on the current progress of the development, as well as insights into the programming. You can also directly influence the game by commenting on your thoughts and suggestions on currently implemented features, or by presenting other ideas to improve the game.

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